DO178B & DO254 continuing Education

Nasteks strives to remain current with ongoing changes and initiatives of the FAA DO178B and DO254 community by attending FAA and NASA conferences and DO178B/DO254 training sessions. Nasteks is represented at seminars and conferences nationwide dealing with the ever evolving state of the science.

Nasteks pursue research initiatives dealing with software verification tool development, process improvement, and software/systems risk analysis; John F. Davis is a co-author on a paper published by the IEEE describing use of software metrics and artificial intelligence machine learning concepts to find risk based problem areas in high level source code of safety critical systems through automated static code analysis.

Nasteks is constantly seeking projects that are on the leading edge of the current state of the art in real-time safety-critical embedded software. We then search for applications in today’s industries to apply the capabilities we are constantly refining – this synergy brings the state of the art to our industry partners and clients.